He Is Risen

Faith The one aspect that I never fully understood about Easter is the significance of His resurrection. This Easter I asked God to reveal to me the real meaning. The importance of Him rising isn’t that He came to life but it is the fulfilment of the prophesy that He made before His death, that... Continue Reading →

Is God Real?

Faith When you are going through the trials of life, it is easy to question the existence of God. It’s easy to listen to people who feel like you are wasting your time, on a God that doesn’t care enough to help you in your tough situations, but yet you still believe in Him. God... Continue Reading →

Learning to Ask

Faith "Faith is having to courage to let God have control" Since I can remember I have never been someone to ask anyone for anything. I think this started with my mum, I would ask her for something and she’d say no, so I grew with the belief that if I ask my mum for... Continue Reading →

Let Go and Let God

Faith So I’ve been gone for a while…. I’m sure you didn’t notice, but I thought I would share with you my heart on why I had disappeared. Writing these blog posts has helped me develop my relationship with God, hearing what He has to say to me and the lessons He’s trying to teach... Continue Reading →

Set Apart…

Faith For the past couple of weeks I have been taking time for myself. As I previous wrote about “8 tips for a single person”, the one tip that I have been focused on is seeking a whole life as a single person. In knowing myself I’ve come to realise a weakness in my character;... Continue Reading →

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