Welcome to Gifts of Grace.

A blog that narrates the stories of faith, hope and love that I  have experienced. The three theological virtues that will be explored and discussed are faith, hope and love; they are the gifts of grace from God. I am currently on my journey in faith and would like to share and discuss my experiences on this life long journey.

I have started this blog because I believe that God is not taking me through all I went/will go through, for me to just stew (meditate) on the situation.

One day in my quiet time I was thinking about my ministry and how my story could help others, then God put this scripture Romans 10:17

“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (NKJV)

on my heart, I later looked at the scripture and knew that this is what God wants me to do (I can’t fully explain why). More so I knew that God was working on me in a new way, that I would be able to trust Him and put everything in His hands. I am slightly a control freak, so I believe it is only He that could give me this assignment, knowing that I HATE writing. I believe that He wanted/wants to show me that I am literally a vessel and I need to be available to be used, because He is the one that equips for ministry.

It’s not always the gift you have that he’ll use, especially if He knows that the glory wouldn’t be given to Him.

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